Understanding taste & odor in water

Water quality has remained the highest priority at Aqua since its founding in 1886.

Ensuring high quality drinking water is achieved by protecting our water sources; rivers, streams, wells, and reservoirs; and through state-of-the-art water monitoring and treatment.

Occasionally you might notice uncommon tastes and odors in your drinking water. Although tastes and odors sometimes occur, the water meets the Primary Drinking Water Standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Water suppliers, universities and research institutions have studied the cause and treatment of tastes and odors in water for many years. This information will help you understand how tastes and odors develop in water, as well as the testing and treatment methods Aqua uses to handle taste and odor events when they occur.

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You may notice, from time to time, the taste and smell of your drinking water can change. Learn more about the why behind this change and what Aqua does to ensure your water tastes great year round.