West Chester Line Replacement

West Chester Area Lead and Galvanized Service Line Replacement

Aqua Pennsylvania’s mission is protecting and providing earth’s most essential resource. That includes protecting customers drinking water from contaminants like lead, which is an issue in drinking water systems today. While regulatory standards ensure our drinking water meets all current requirements as it enters and moves through our distribution system, some lead can enter customers’ homes through their service lines, which are lines that carry water from our pipes in the street into homes, or even from appliances within the home.

Service lines are split into two portions, a customer-owned portion and a utility-owned portion. The utility-owned portion extends from the water main (pipe) in the street to the curb box/valve at the curb line/property line.  The customer-owned portion extends from the curb box/valve at the curb line/property line to the customer’s structure. 

We’re currently working on a Lead and Galvanized Service Line Replacement project in West Chester Borough, West Goshen Township, and some neighboring townships. Over the next one-to-two years, you may see contracted plumbers in these communities replacing services on more than 400 homes and businesses that we have identified as having lead and galvanized service lines.

As part of our Lead Service Line Replacement Program, replacements are done at no direct cost to Aqua customers.  We continue to research opportunities for grants and low-interest loans to support these and other programs.

Below you will find some helpful information to address questions you may have about the project.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your community.


Marc A. Lucca
President, Aqua Pennsylvania