Aqua PA to Improve Service, Safety

Water Main and Fire Hydrant Replacement Project Underway to Improve Service and Safety for Treasure Lake Residents

Aqua Pennsylvania crews kicked off a project to replace more than 12,000 linear feet of aging water mains in the Treasure Lake community in Sandy Township, Pennsylvania. As part of the replacement project, one fire hydrant will also be replaced to ensure performance in the event of a fire. Aqua will also terminate service line connections to vacant lots, which reduces leaks and helps improve overall system performance for Treasure Lake customers.

This effort is part of Aqua Pennsylvania’s commitment to replacing decades-old pipes as part of our ongoing infrastructure improvement program.

“This project is an example of our commitment to timely replacement of aging infrastructure. It will help ensure that our drinking water flows reliably, not only for customers, but also for emergency responders in the event of a fire,” said Aqua Pennsylvania President Marc Lucca.

“Today, residents are used to seeing our red fire hydrants around the community, but long-time residents will recall that prior to Aqua’s ownership Treasure Lake did not have fire hydrants. Investing in main replacements and installation of fire hydrants highlights our commitment to service and safety for our customers.”

The water main replacements are taking place on the following streets:

  • Forte de France (Between Santo Domingo to Address # 906 Fort de France)
  • Santo Domingo Ct.
  • Stirrup Ct. (Off of Santo Domingo Ct.)
  • Desirade Rd. (Between Bay Rd. to Santo Domingo Ct.)
  • Smugglers Rd. (Between Bay Rd. to Wharf Rd.)
  • Jolly Rogers Rd. (Between Smugglers to Wharf Rd.)

The fire hydrant replacement will be at the intersection of Santo Domingo Ct. and Forte De France.

After the completion of the replacement project, Aqua will work with Treasure Lake for a street repaving effort.

To learn more about Aqua’s dedication to improve America’s infrastructure, please visit