My Aqua Bill

You've come to the right place to learn more about your water or wastewater bill. Click on the plus signs to learn more about each part of your bill.

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Service Address

The property receiving water or wastewater service from Aqua. If this is incorrect or if you are moving, click below to contact us.

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How to Reach Us

Customer service mailing address, phone number, fax numbers and email address. Click below to reach out.

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Usage Data

Includes your water meter’s ID number, size, billing period dates and the amount of metered water. Check guides & tips if your usage is high.

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Bill Calculation

Shows base facility charge, usage calculation, applicable surcharges and current billing period total charges. See why water costs what it does below.

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Water Use History Chart

A 13-month usage history for monthly billed customers or a 15-month chart for quarterly billed customers. Check guides & tips if your usage is high.

Guides & Tips

Water Tips

Discover our top tips on better managing your water usage.

Don't Leave the Water Running

You can waste up to five gallons of water if you leave the tap running when shaving or brushing your teeth!

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Showers Are More Efficient

A full bathtub can use around 40 gallons of water while a 10-minute shower uses half that.

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Don't Rinse the Dishes

Cut back on rinsing dishes. Scrape the food off and let the dishwasher do the rest.

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