Helping Hand

Helping Hand is an assistance program designed to enable low-income customers to make manageable monthly payments.

About Helping Hand?

Helping Hand is an assistance program funded by donations from Aqua customers like you that is designed to assist customers in need with their water and wastewater bills.

Who can benefit from the program?

This program is focused on customers within the communities Aqua serves across Pennsylvania.

How can I give others a Helping Hand?

It's easy. If you want to help those in need, please fill out the Helping Hand donation form. And then I don’t see any more edits needed, the rest of the copy can remain as is.

How much can I donate?

The Helping Hand program accepts donations starting a $1, although customers can choose to donate more. Donations can be set up as a one-time contribution or as a recurring monthly transaction.

When can I cancel my donation?

Anytime. Just complete the Helping Hand donation form and select “cancellation” as your donation type. Allow at least 30 days for your donation cancelation to become effective.