Since 1886, Aqua has been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality drinking water and wastewater services possible.

Another commitment of Aqua's is to be a resource. Throughout the All About Water & Wastewater pages you will find information on everything from how to take water samples or access a water quality report to ways to address water quality challenges, and so on. Read on to learn more!

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  • Water Quality

    Aqua has been committed to providing the highest quality water services to our communities for more than 135 years. Learn the steps we take to ensure that water quality and safety standards stay high.

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  • Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater treatment is a critical part of our nation's infrastructure. Read more about how we return wastewater safely back into the environment.

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  • Infrastructure Projects

    We've invested hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure projects across our eight states, and we're not slowing down. Learn more about some of the many improvements we've made.

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    Does your bill seem unusually high? Worried that you have a leaky pipe? Not sure how to keep your pipes from freezing? We've got some DIY guides and tips that can help.

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Water Tips

We've got some DIY guides and tips that can help with various water and wastewater inquiries.

Limit Cooking Water

Cook food in as little water as possible. As a bonus, you'll also retain more nutrients in the food so your meals are healthier and tastier.

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Use a Broom to Clean Outside

Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveways, patios and sidewalks.

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Don't Water When It's Windy

Don't water the lawn, plants, and flowers when it's windy. You'll use more water since the wind "thins" the water, spreading it over a wider area.

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